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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 14, 2015 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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a spearfishing trip nearly turns disastrous for one free diver. >> ben blacks out. >> ben tells us about the close call to get the catch of the day. >> it wasn't the biggest fish and i would be mad if i tried trying to get that fish. rescuers rush to save an orphan in the wild. giraffe. >> how they kept it calm on the journey to a new home. we need to do this. we need to change that wall. >> a 9-year-old pushes for motorcycle safety after losing
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his mom. >> because she wasn't wearing a helmet. >> meet the brave kid taking his case to youtube with a little help from his guardian angel. >> i think she would be very proud. a pug puppy trying to get his ride on. and getting a snail facial. why it might be for you, if you can just stop thinking. >> snails on the face. you'll want to take a deep breath for this video. >> this is an incredible video, posted by ben. he's taking a few deep breaths and going down. can you see a bunch of small fish swimming around. there's some mangrove snappers that they've been after all day. he's diving under an oil rig in texas. once he gets down there we're
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of just how spearfishing works. >> we need the deep breath because we're free diving? >> absolutely. we get to this other school of fish, he takes aim and boom. did he get it? >> absolutely. he starts bringing himself back up to the top of the water, in total he's under water for about 1:12. he pops out above the water. you hear him exhale. take a breath and then good night, ben. >> ben, ben, wake up. >> ben blacks out. >> it happened so quickly. ben is like what? what? no, i didn't. >> you okay? >> i'm fine. [ bleep ]. >> catch your breath. catch your breath. >> he takes the camera off. he's struggling, coughing, trying to breathe but he's almost feeling like wait, i didn't black out. >> i didn't black out. >> late anywhere the video, his body makes it a bit more real for him. >> i really don't feel like i did. >> you went face-down in the water. >> instead of me telling you
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why don't we go to ben via skype. welcome, ben. ben, when you first watched this video. it's beautiful and it gets scary. it back. >> it's kind of surreal. i don't remember blacking out and i don't remember a lot of the stuff that happened right when i came to consciousness. so it's good that that gopro was rolling and i can remember a lot of the stuff. >> what would you do differently? >> one thing i would do differently, i hyperventilated at the beginning of the dive. it deepens the co2 in your blood and that causes you to think that you have more oxygen than you do. so i stayed down a little bit longer than i should have. >> what plan did you and your friend have where he noticed immediately that you were in trouble? >> both of us, sterling and i had taken free diving classes and we're both certified free divers. one of the things they preach during the classes is always do buddy diving and always to watch your buddy as they're coming up.
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blackouts happen within the top 15 feet of the water column on the person's way up. >> i think the most important question here is did you get the fish? >> yeah. >> what did you do with the catch? did you cook him up? >> i'm going to cook him up tonight. it wasn't the biggest fish and i'd be a little mad if i died while trying to get that fish. >>well we're glad that you are okay. are you still going to be spearfishing? >> absolutely. i don't think i could stop. the davis shelldrick wildlife trust has done a lot of rescues. this is the first for them. they got a call from the nehru national park, so they're taking an hour-long flight to go fetch an animal in need. the reason they're taking the airplane, if they take this animal by car, it would take about six to seven hours. but here you see, this is a one-week-old giraffe, they don't know where the mom is and the
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giraffe was found on the border of the national park in an area where there's lots of conflicts between humans and wildlife. giraffe. they had to make a makeshift sling for it. because with the giraffe, they had to make sure that its neck trip. as you can see, it's very stoic. very chill. and they said, very affectionate during the ride. >> if you've only been alive for one week everything is just kind of -- ooh, that's new. >> they named him keko. and keko, just sweet as can be. he's released out with the other baby animals they have. and look how tiny the elephants are next to the giraffe. >> can you put a saddle on a ride? >> it's not a bike. >> that's right. >> can you put -- >> they're going to release keko back into the wild once he's healthy enough. but they're saying he's doing
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really well and he's playful and fun and kind of wanders around and scampers around with the other animals. he does have one thing to say about the traffic laws. or the helmet laws. and in oregon or any other state. >> this is a 9-year-old, trey, has a very important message that everybody has to listen. and really pay attention to. >> we have to make it so people have to wear a helmet. and my mom, sadly, passed away helmet. little brother. and my little brother is only this. >> it was a very tragic motorcycle accident that actually took the life of trey's mom. helmet. trey is asking people to take a very proactive approach to getting these laws changed. with everybody.
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send it to lawyers, whatever you want. this. >> he wants anyone who hears this message to take action, anything that you can do to get the law moving. >> my mom was adventurous, she had a good life. everything was good with her. and i would really love it if you guys would help me. your life goal and my life goal to make sure somebody else doesn't get hurt by this. >> to tell us why he decided to make this video and try to get people involved, we have trey and his dad, mike, via skype right this minute from north carolina. welcome to the show, guys. >> hey, how are you? >> hey. >> trey, tell me what made you want to make this video? what was it that triggered you to do it? >> if i can help at least one person, i would say i'm successful. >> i know it's tough to hear about it, he's nine and his younger brother is three and she was 30 years old. very young.
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and he doesn't want anybody to go through what he and his brother are not only going through, but what they will go lives. i mean you get one mother. >> what would you like everyone to start doing? >> i would like everybody to start wearing helmets. >> what can they do to help, son? >> they can spread the word. they can tell anybody they know. >> michael, how important is this whole thing, the video and the message to your healing process after the loss of your wife? >> you know, it's helped out a lot. because he and i are doing this together. he had youtube channel for a while. but we wanted to use it as a channel for him to talk about it. and to get people to pay attention. if something with change or someone reaches out to him and says i put my helmet on today, i normally don't but because i did, i came home to my family tonight, i think that would do a great deal for him and our family to know that somebody paid attention to it and did something differently because of it.
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right? >> uh-huh. i love bringing you guys awesome sky diving video. well this one is awesome. it's extreme, but it is completely different from the sky diving videos we're used to seeing on this show. this is the inside, this is the belly of a c-130. 82nd airborne division doing a massive exercise. no time to stand around and think twice about jumping. off you go, son. it looks like they're carrying their entire livelihood, not just a back pack, not just a parachute. all the other packs, they can barely walk on this plane, let alone jump. >> once they jump, the string that they're attached to pulls that chute and they fall with all of the weight pulling them down. that is so pretty when the camera pans back. it looks like a big display of hot air balloons over albuquerque.
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>> it's massive. look at all the other paratroopers up in the air continuing to cascade from the giant planes. it's fascinating to watch how our american military puts this together. how it works. it's impressive. if you're a big fan of the champs, then you're going to need this. >> people are asking why -- >> because it's awesome! >> see how the champ bong makes the bubbles go down with ease. and -- a man tries to maneuver an excavator, but -- >> he gets in trouble. >> wow. the miraculous escape that will make you say --
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this video has the five c's, number one, it's in chile, number two it involves an chemical excavator. a cliff. number four, it involves chance and number five chance involves bambino cuelo. there you see the excavator on the back of the truck, it's there to do some road work and danilo is inside the excavator, he's trying to drive it off the trouble. >> wow. >> there's a dip and the excavator starts to slip right next to the cliff and watch what happens. you see that? >> did he fall out? >> yes, he did. watch that again. >> holy bleep. >> he jumped out and he avoided getting rolled over. >> by the excavator. he only suffered minor bruises. >> i bet you he's never jumped that far that high, that long in his entire life. >> i almost feel like maybe he would have been safer inside.
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>> these things are hard-core sort of machinery. you want to get rolled around a bit, it's better than having a couple of tons on top of you. >> it's hard to say that especially when gayle says he came out with just minor bruises. >> look at him. >> minor contusions. >> the sixth c. >> what were they thinking, unloading that right there. >> he's a lucky dude. >> and the company says they will take care of any medical care this man has. maybe because he has only a few bruises. >> ooh. i don't drink champagne. it gives me a headache. but for those of you that do, apparently -- you need this. i don't get the bear and i don't get the -- cham-bong. which is what that glass device is. it's shaped on one side like a champagne flute. but then the stem bends and it's a tube that comes out the other end. shaped like a v. >> but explain me this, every
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glass of champagne i've ever had. i can drink just like that if i want to i don't get it, there's no -- blub blub. if it was put into a champagne bottle -- okay. but i don't get it. >> does it take out some of the bubbles? that's the point of drinking champagne. >> i don't get it, either. people are asking why. >> why? >> and all they say is -- >> because it's awesome. >> and you can't argue. each chambong is $25 in case you're wondering. >> crazy. >> it sounds like it's just a novelty. this thing that's different. >> give me the bottle and let me handle it the right way. >> oh, chambong. >> it may already be october. but it doesn't mean you can't have a little slip and slide fun. >> my guy brain exploded. still to come, a prankster leads mom to believe the house has been broken into. the thing is -- >> this is a big old set-up.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. promotional considerations provided by -- escription itch medicine for fast, lasting relief. cortizone-10 eczema relief. feel the heal. abdominal pain? bloating? you may have ibs. ask your doctor if new, non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs and walgreens. i want you guys to first hear the problem bella has. >> what? >> can you do it, come on, you can go up those stairs. >> i want you to guess what size bella is and how long the staircase is. >> i was hearing, did you hear that -- tiny little feet. >> it was kind of like the forth.
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i'm going to go with one of those little cute dogs. >> i'm going to go with a tiny chihuahua. >> you are both wrong. >> what? are you joking? >> bella looks like a full-grown lab who can't go up two steps. let's see if she finally makes it. >> yeah, you did it! you did it! >> she got it. >> i love this video because you got a kid on his little trike. he's pulling his dogs along. not one dog, but two. >> my god, that is too good. >> twas so funny is that the puppy pug falls off the back and that puppy wants back on. >> he's like come on, come on, let me back on. riding. >> they never let the puppy back on and the last one, i think every mammal on the planet can identify with this dog. because sometimes you know when you need your back scratched, you just got to use what's there.
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this dog just uses a license plate. >> they have the rough edge, right? >> the great thing about it is the license place, ahhh. >> exactly, oli, keen eye there. hey what's up? >> this is not the call you want to get when you're at work. you're a single mother of five. your son calls and says that someone has broken into your home. >> and you see the mom has got home with two of her other kids. the place is messy. it looks like these thieves have looked through everything in the house. the son that called her to tell her what had happened tells her she needs to go, the police are coming and he doesn't want the police to think that the kids or he had anything to do with it. if you haven't picked up on this, this is a big set-up. her son run as youtube frank
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channel. because he's so grateful at all the things that his mother has done. decided to give her some love back. mom, because she's been struggling trying to raise these five kids hasn't the money to furnish the home. they don't have couches in the living room. she's been sleeping on the floor in her bedroom. he decided he was going to step up, but not before freaking her out a little bit. as soon as she leaves, they start clearing up the house and bringing in the couches. >> they could have just surprised her with all the stuff. but no, here's a prankster at heart. he has to make her feel like she's been robbed first. >> then they call her to come back home. >> ooh! and you see all of their faces, little sister, super stoked and you hear her say, we finally have couches. >> mom starts crying. doesn't find this funny, but is
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super, super grateful. we go back upstairs and you see that he has built her a bed. >> it's okay that the prank wasn't so bad. >> he does in the video thank all the single parents that are out there caring for their kids and working so hard to make sure that their kids have everything they need. >> some brave folks try to smooth out their sluggish skin by trying --
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>> like someone s bet someone breaks it two weeks from now. snail facials. >> wait wait wait, snail facials as they're just done really slowly? >> no, snail facials, started in thailand last year and now they're sweeping the country. >> what's in the slime that makes it so good for your face? we're going to find out because buzzfeed is giving people snail facials. >> ear going to get snails put on our face for some reason. >> i'm nervous, my hands are
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sweating. >> snails used for snail facials are garden snails. >> that's a good thing, can you also find it in other products. >> you got to pay for those products, you can just pick up a snail and smear it on your face. >> let's see how these folks react to all this. >> ooh. >> the first one is on. >> i feel like if you got yourself into a place of zen and had your eyes closed, it might eventually start feeling nice, as long as you're not going, there are snails on my face. >> oh, my god. >> are you okay? >> i'm fine. >> are you sure? >> what the hell is the point of this. >> i feel like they're biting me. >> they're not biting you. the muscle on the bottom of their feet is kind of rough. >> the level to which they'll do stuff. i've had the fish eating my feet. where do we draw the line? >> we're in the vein we will try anything that promises the fountain of youth. >> let's see how the folks felt about it. >> i feel after that how could
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you file after that. >> my face feels like it had a bunch of sludge on it. >> my skin feels refreshed. >> my skin feels tighter. >> sitting there with goo all over their faces. >> the big question, would you do it again? >> i had really great results new york city matter hour weird it is. i would probably do it again. >> not for me. >> i would try it once, i'm not afraid of the snail's slime and stuff. >> probably not for this guy. >> i wasn't crazy about this. >> i'm going to cry. stay classy, everyone and thanks for stopping by. we'll see you on the next "right
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